Tuesday, November 25, 2008

props for the posse

Art & Soul

Decent article promoting the Wet Ink Exhibition, except the author failed to discuss Jen's work.
Regardless the show is up at the Pei Ling Chan Gallery till January. check it out.

memories and ideals, sold to the highest bidder

one of dylan's harmonicas for over $4k
original sex pistols shirt for $1800
Nirvana poster for $4k

how counter-revolutionary.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

In Non-Art related news...

Last Weekend was the "Sunday Sunday Sunday" Alleycat bike race, and in the closest 1-2 finish in Alleycat history, i took second to my homeboy Jonathan.

Thanks Whitney for the photo. more of her shots here...

Wet Ink

Just a heads up...
Ill be showing some work at the Pei Lin Chan Gallery here in Savannah. The show is an exhibition of work by SCAD Printmaking Faculty and it goes up this week. The Reception isnt for another two weeks or so, but you should swing by and check it out.