Friday, June 25, 2010

Space Camp 2010

Earlier this month, Kay and I took a long weekend with our friends Jonathan and Whitney. We ventured down to Florida to hang out on the beach and nerd out at the Kennedy Space Center...

Polaroid of Kay and I just inside the center

Jon and Whit's dog, JD - ready to hit the road

Kennedy Space Center's awesome Rocket Garden
Polaroid of Jonathan and Whitney in the Rocket garden


Kay on a walkway that was once used by the astronauts...

I've gotta say, the Russians certainly  got a couple things right in their space program. For starters, the term "cosmonaut" is way cooler than "astronaut"

...and they've got a great color scheme going here.


Great logo design for the Apollo 8 Mission

You know I'm a sucker for diagrams

Jonathan and I in front of the Astrovan

While we were in the park we were lucky enough to watch a test flight of the new Falcon IX rocket. 
Being inside the Space center, we were able to get just about as close to the launch as a civilian can get.

Take off!

Kay and I right after the launch!

Yay Space!
Polaroid of a brutal storm rolling in over the Rocket garden as we left.
Cool coffee shop sign in downtown Titusville

Jon and Whit in a small museum in downtown Titusville.

They had actual consoles from early NASA launches, which were really great to examine.

Astro-snoopy again

More great design work for the Apollo missions

Jonathan and I playing Bocce on Cocoa Beach

On our last day we visited Playlinda beach, which is part of the Nature preserve in the KSC. Miles and miles of beautiful beaches. A great end to a great trip. If you ever get a chance to check out the space center, do it. It's pretty exciting.

Whitney also has a ton of photos on her Flickr.


Ben Passmore said...

I see ya'll having a real nice fuckn time without me.

Whitney said...

Buh! YES! I still need to burn you pals a CD of the weekend o' fun in FLA.